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New-Art pyrotechnics Co.,ltd is a fully professional firework display company with Class A license. We performs firework displays in the domestic and abroad. With over sixteen years of experience, we offer the customer the very best in service, quality and reliability. The time a display lasts is no guide whatsoever to its quality. A $10,000 display could be fired in just a few minutes. The key factor is the impression made on the audience. Celebration displays are usually about ten minutes long depending on the type of display chosen, but the final choice lies with you.

We never rest on our past accomplishments and never stop striving to improve the value and excitement of fireworks as entertainment. Now we can provide all of the following:

↓ Traditional Displays
↓ Electronic firing
↓ Musical Accompaniment (digital soundtrack production)
↓ Computer Show Design
↓ Computer Firing
↓ Multi-Media Integration with lights/lasers/ and live performance
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